Monday, July 22, 2013

Vintage Special

 It was on a junking trip in Michigan back in the mid 90's with my sister Ki that I found this vintage special at "Michigan Man's (aka Allen) junkyard nirvana. Rusty, Crusty and weighing in at about 25lbs, I bought my first piece of  "Iron", as they say in the junking world.

Michigan House #1
When I brought it home DBH just shook his head and asked "What in the heck are YOU going to do with that?" I explained to him that he was going to make me a frame  to insert the iron into the center. With high vaulted ceilings it would look great over our sliding doors to our porch. He made the frame, I painted it white. Purchasing heavy wall anchors to hold what was now a 40 something pound 26"h x 68" w monstrosity we hung it together where it lived for 10 years.
 Florida House #2
It was time for DBH to retire and we moved to Florida. With vaulted ceilings and a sliding glass door, no thinking was required on where the "Iron" piece would hang in this house. It lived above this door for 5 years.
Florida House #3
It was time again for a change in our lives, so we packed our belongings and moved further south. Though our new house had high ceilings it also had tall sliding glass doors leaving no room for the "Iron" to hang above it. After 15 years this imported piece of German wrought iron now held a special place in my heart and our home. Where could it hang? Then I had an ah ha!! moment. DBH painted the frame gray and we poly coated the iron to preserve the rust.

My vintage special "Iron" now hangs in our screened and covered front door entryway. Now up close and personal, you can not only admire it but touch it.  The environment is perfect for the succulents.
Do you have a "vintage special" that has traveled with you through out the years?  I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. I remember that amazing day junking. Love what you did with it. 3rd time is a charm! Ki