Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I thought you might enjoy seeing some behind the scenes pictures that I've taken over the years of the bi annual Junk Bonanza event at Canterbury Park in Shakopee MN.  Click on the link below the picture to get the scoop on the event's times, location, vendors and admission. Words can not even begin to describe the work and energy that goes into making this a fabulous fun event. Sister, Queen Bee Ki and her tireless team of worker bees are fearless and try their hardest to make sure that everyone who attends will have a fun loaded experience of creative ideas, junk, and friendship.

 It all starts with HUGE empty spaces. In two days, over 400 vintage vendors come with their wares to fill those empty spaces with some of the most unusual  junk, some of it has been repurposed and some not. The dates for this years 2013 Fall JB begins on September 26th,27th and 28th.


Karla (that's me) is lucky to work in the KI NASSAUER shop during this three day event. Taylor, Queen Bee2, Ki's daughter, designs the T-Shirts that we sell there and oversees the worker bees in the shop. The shop is stripped down to the bare walls with empty fixtures when we get there on the first day. 

 The T-Shirts arrive in boxes still warm from the printers. The folding of T's begins and never stops till the end of the event. Displays go up for easy viewing. Three days of intense set up and then we open the doors to Bonanza shoppers. Even the young shoppers visit, showing the Bonanza spirit. Taylor (center) and crew make sure that the Bonanza spirit (JUNK LOVE) that fills the air, can also be found in the KI NASSAUER SHOP. Colorful fun junk related, T-Shirts, sweat shirts, jewelry, past and present Flea Market Style magazines, and totes, purses, aprons, shopping cart liners (by moi) can all be purchased in the KI NASSAUER SHOP. Online shopping is available for those that can not  attend the event by clinking on this link. KI NASSAUER SHOP 
Here's a sneak peek of a few of the  fun items that I have been sewing to bring to the Junk Bonanza to be sold this year. If you can't make it to the Junk Bonanza, visit my Etsy shop Remixed Stitches to see more.

With only a few weeks away, the excitement is building for another great Junk Bonanza. Stop in and say hello to all of us in the shop.

Hope to see you at the Junk Bonanza!




  1. Here we go again! It is always fun! See you soon! Ki

  2. Can't wait, see you there!!!!

    Love your goodies.