Friday, June 28, 2013

What were they thinking?

What came first the double sinks or the monstrous arch?
The design might have worked if there had only been one sink plunked down in the middle of the vanity. But no, a master bath should have two sinks, his and hers right? So a 6' swirly pink cultured marble vanity with two clam shell shaped sinks was installed into the space. Next came the "Designer" feature, a well built arch with recessed spots for over the vanity.  If you were 4' tall no problem, your head cleared the arches without hitting, but DBH and I are both over 4' tall so there was a HUGE problem while using the sinks. After knocking our heads hard several times while using the sinks, the monstrous arch had to go!
Arch be gone!
DBH handed me a hammer and let me have the first whack at it, just like on the home improvement shows on TV. They make it look so easy! I handed the hammer back to DBH and told him to "go at it". We tried to save the pink vanity to donate to Habitat for Humanity, figuring it was a vintage classic, but it was not going to let us take it out all in one piece. Breaking it in half made the several hundred pound vanity more manageable.
New Master Bath Vanity
With the demo complete, we let the professionals install the cabinets, granite and plumbing fixtures. DBH has learned over the years of remodeling that plumbing is best left to the professional. I scoured the stores for just the right accessories. We love how it all turned out and best of all no more pink or head knocking .
Stay tuned to see how vintage seems to be sneaking back into what was to be our Coastal Living decor.


  1. Looks fab! Can't wait to see in person!

  2. You guys did a great job. Looks wonderful.