Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1937 Brunswick Bowling Champs

1937 Regional Champions

Have you ever been out shopping on the Junking Trail, when you come across an item that stirs up past memories? When I came across this tall 20 1/2" Brunswick 1937 Regional Champions bowling trophy, I had a 40 year old flash back to my own bowling experience.

I grew up in a small farming community in MN. The local Tastee Freeze was the summer teen hangout and the local bowling alley (8 lanes) was the winter teen hangout. The required gym class in high school included 6 sessions at the local bowling alley. In those days, the trust system was still in place. They trusted you to walk the three long city blocks unsupervised, in the middle of winter to get to the alley for class.

Championship Form

I threw more gutters than strikes. I never really improved from high school but I learned a sport that I could participate in through out my life.

74 Years Ago A Champion

I went back 74 years in a computer search to try to find the winner of this impressive trophy. I wanted to learn more about their bowling adventures and how they came to win such a grand trophy. I had no luck.

This trophy has inspired me. I haven't been to a bowling alley in over 20 years.... Maybe it's time I give it another try.

Bowl Happy,


P.S. I did buy the trophy for my Etsy shop. Such a great vintage accent piece for the home! 

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