Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bones, The Name Fits For Now.

Barn Flower Garden

Summer has arrived here in Florida!  The flower garden in front of the horse barn is already blooming.

Sleeping amongst the bushes

Yesterday while working in the flower garden, I was surprised by a visitor sleeping amongst the bushes. She was as startled to see me as I was to see her.


She quickly came out of her slumber to greet me. I bent down to pet her. She was starving not only for attention but also for food. By her skeletal frame, it had been a long time since she had eaten. My eyes teared up and my heart went out to her.

Yum Yum

I brought some cat food down from the house and fed her. She ate ferociously. I was afraid she would get sick from eating too much too fast so I sadly took the food away from her. Numerous small  meals will be better for her, until her digestive system gets use to having food again. She will become my barn kitty if she decides to stay. I use the term barn kitty loosely as she appears to be older than a "kitten"

Fillip, the gentle giant

 Fillip, my horse, is a gentle giant when it comes to other animals. Currently, he is the only resident in the barn. I know that Fillip will adopt barn kitty as his friend if she decides to settle here.


This morning, I went down to the barn; She was there to greet me! Apparently, she has decided to stay for now. I fed her. After eating, she climbed into my lap for petting and purring. My hands carefully petted her bony body. DBH came down to meet her and promptly named her "Bones". For now the name fits, though I hope she stays long enough to outgrow that name.


Bones update 6-16-11. Bones is still with us after a month. She has gained some weight but still could use more. She continues to eat well, loves her new barn, and stays close to home. Fillip and her have met and touched noses. He seems to like having some barn company around and she is not afraid of him. So far so good......
Bones update 7-8-11. Yep, Bones celebrated the 4th of July with us. She is still eating well but doesn't seem to be gaining on the weight end. Trip to the Vet may be in order, worms? maybe... She meows but makes no noise, is that strange? I don't know if she is old or young, maybe the Vet can tell me.  I will update again after the Vet visit.

Last Bones update 12-12-11. Very sadly Bones passed away last night. She had not been feeling well for the past week. I knew her time was coming and made her as comfortable as I could. Two weeks before she had been following us around in the pastures as we did chores. We commented on how she was acting like a young cat when we knew she was very old. I believe it was her last HURRAH at life. We buried her in a quiet corner of yard and in spring I will plant a bush on that spot as she was discovered in the bushes and continued to nap in the bushes for the 7 months we had her. I will miss her coming to greet me at feeding times. May she be in a better place.... 


  1. OOh. How sweet. And how lucky for Bones to have found your family!

  2. What a precious cat. I'm so glad she found a family that will care for her. She definitely looks like she needs and deserves some TLC.

  3. How sweet of you to feed her. We have a barn cat or 2 (not sure) they won't let us get close to them,but they sneak dog food almost daily. We like having them because they help with barn mice. Love you horse too, He's beautiful.

    Margo aka Robolady