Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Affinity to Iron

The piece that started this madness

I guess I can blame my junk sister Ki for my attraction to iron. My first iron piece was bought while junking with her on a cold wintry day in Michigan. “Michigan Man”, as we called him, had the “Mother Lode” of wrought iron! He imported big containers full of heavy wrought iron from Germany. Ki lived in MN and I lived in MI. I wanted to see her, so I tagged along to Michigan Man’s place while she was in town. I became intrigued with this wrought iron. It was very heavy, very large, and very very rusty. I loved the designs on the pieces. Ki’s advice to me: the heavier and rustier the better.  I laughed! I jumped in with both feet and bought an ornate rusty 2’x4’ 30lb piece. DBH just shook his head when I brought it home. Soon I had him involved in making a frame to go around it. He was beginning to like it. The rest is history, I was hooked……

Kitchen Iron

Garden Iron

Bedroom and Bathroom Iron

As you can see my love for iron has extended to every room in our house. Thanks goes to, Ki and "Michigan Man" for giving me this affinity for iron.

Junking Trails to You!


P.S. With sadness, "Michigan Man" passed away a few years back. I will hold dearly those memories that Ki and I made while junking at his farm. 


  1. He did have some pretty amazing stuff! And we sure had fun. Not sure why we always seemed to visit when it was below freezing. Not fun hauling frozen iron!

  2. Hi Karla! Love your iron and I fell in love with dear little Bones too. Is she still with you? I am your newest follower and will return often.

    Susan and Bentley