Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Relationships With Teddy


I have had an on again off again relationship with Teddies all my life. As a child, they were my best friend. As a growing teen, I was too "old" for them. As a young mother, I bought them for my sons to hug. As an older mother and wife, I started collecting them. Then life took over and I was too busy for them.

Teddy "How To Books"

In the year 2000, Michigan had a long, cold, harsh winter. Stuck indoors, I became obsessed with learning how to make Teddies. I started with basic sewing knowledge and several "How To Teddy Bear making" books.The first Teddies where made from cheap plush "fur" bought at the local JoAnn's. I read the books, took some classes, and did a lot of research on where to buy quality Teddy making supplies. As my knowledge and expertise grew so did my Teddies.

Mohair and Cotton String made Teddies

Soon I was buying $60.00 a yard mohair for their bodies, using German glass eyes, jointing their arms, legs, and head, stuffing with excelsior, and placing growlers in their tummies so they could roar. My fur Teddies where made from vintage Persian lamb coats and mink stoles that I found in antique stores. Vintage table cloths and quilts were also turned into fun colorful Teddies.

By the year 2004, my love affair with Teddy had died once again. I kept a handful of Teddies that were special and sold off the rest.

Estate Sale Teddies

Fast forward to January 2011, where I attended an estate sale and my on again relationship with Teddy was renewed! The deceased owner of the estate was a Teddy collector. My heart skipped a beat when I walked into the living room and saw the large sofa covered in Teddies of all shapes, sizes, and colors, all waiting to be taken home. I knew that this woman had loved these Teddies and no one but me seemed to care about them. It made me a bit sad and I wanted to take them all home. This is where DBH put his foot down and said NO! I picked out 4 large Hermann mohair Teddies of high quality. Their costumes, colors and faces touched me.

I need your help now! I have been able to find basic information on the Hermann Teddy Bear Company but no specific information on the Teddies shown above. If you recognize any of these Teddies and have any information on them please leave me a comment . Your Teddy stories are also welcome here!

And so goes my relationship with Teddy!

Sew Happy,


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  1. I do love teddies. I however don't have the urge to make them. Will leave that up to the creative seamstress in the family!