Sunday, January 9, 2011

Creative Chaos

Creative chaos in the sewing studio

Am I crazy??  Here I am still trying to learn the ropes of blogging, and now I'm off, trying to set up an Etsy shop to showcase and sell all those great ideas swimming around in my head. I am learning that Blogger has made it way easier for those of us who are not computer literate. Up until 6 months ago, we were still on dial up (one of the minuses for living in the country) so all this computing takes awhile to learn.  Etsy is like trying to learn a foreign language in five days. I am open to any help, suggestions, or tricks that will make my journey into blogging and Etsy easier. Please feel free to leave those tricks, suggestions, or tips in the comment section. They will be greatly appreciated! In the meantime you can get an idea of what my sewing studio looks like right now (see photo above). What you see are some key elements for those great ideas that are being sewn while I try to set up shop, try to blog and try to have a life! WHEW!! My DBH is just shaking his head and holding on to his recliner. (see profile)

Sew Happy and Help!



  1. Karla, You are going to enjoy Etsy so much! I
    will be happy to help in any way, although, I
    taught myself, so it might not be the best way..
    Cannot wait to see your shop!

    Flora Doora

  2. I like what I'm seeing. Can't wait to see where you are going with it. You'll love Etsy when you get it going. Just remember, focus on learning one thing at a time, don't overwhelm yourself.

  3.'ve been a busy bee! Can't wait to see your Etsy shop. One step at a'll get it all done!

  4. I love the various bits and pieces ... I am sure you will create some great items with them. I look forward to seeing the finished products!

  5. Karla,

    I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award and have passed it along to you. The details are on my blog. Thanks for being a great inspiration. Jane Flora Doora