Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Small Dogs are Real Dogs Too!

Tramp, Reject, Brooke
(past real dogs)

Last Fall, DBH and I found ourselves "dogless" for the first time in many years. At first we enjoyed the freedom of not having to "get home to let the dog out". We told ourselves "No more Dogs"! That lasted about two months before I was online checking the ads for "free dogs".  We began to wonder why we saw so many people going "ga ga" over the small dogs. To us, real dogs weighed more than 50lbs. We were open to change, so the emails went out that we could provide a forever home to the right dog.

(Toy Fox Terrier)

A call was received, in response to an email left on a free dog ad. We said, "Bring the dog so we can meet". They said, "Okay, but you must pass the home inspection, as this dog is special"!  They came that day. I asked, "Where's the dog?" She said, "In my purse." I said "What?" Then out jumped Mia, 5lbs of real dog . Change is good.... right? We passed their home inspection. She passed our criteria list, an older spayed female, short hair, potty trained!!, likes cats. They left. Mia stayed. Our lives changed forever.

(in her school girl outfit)

It has been a little over a year since Mia entered our lives. Our "free dog" wasn't  free by the time she made trips to the vet for dental work, vaccinations, and treatment for a queasy stomach. We had a lot to learn about small dogs. We researched the Toy Fox Terrier breed. Then we found out she wasn't spayed. Her fun loving personality turned ugly...... Fortunately our county has a "Neuter Commuter" program. For $25.00 they spay your pet, provide a county tag, current rabies shot and microchip the dog. We signed the dotted line, she was spayed with no problems, and her sweet personality returned......Whew!!! 
(matching cape with vintage lace collar and buttons)

About four months after Mia arrived and several trips to Craft Fairs (where my husband found out she was a "chick magnet") I decided it was time for some proper attire for these outings. Out came the sewing machine, measuring tape, and fabric. DBH just shook his head, he remembers me saying "Our dog will never wear those silly outfits!" I bought Mia's first harness outfit from  http://www.udogu.com/ . I used that harness outfit as a baseline for new outfits that I sewed at home.

Vintage Christmas Outfit, 2010

In closing, Mia has turned out to be the best real dog we've ever owned. Her former owners did a wonderful job of teaching her manners. She is potty trained, loves to snuggle in your lap under a blanket, plays with our old cat, comes when called, sits for her treats, crate trained, doesn't jump on the furniture, eats only a 1/3 of cup of dry food a day,  and is the happiest, tail wagginess, dog we've ever owned.

(She is a special dog!)

P.S. I have noticed that DBH is more willing to accompany me to the Flea Markets if he can take Mia (his chick magnet) along. I kid you not, this past fall we had just walked down the first aisle of the Mt. Dora Extravaganza and the women came swarming around DBH and "ga gaing" over "his dog"I just shook my head and told him I would meet him at the food tent in two hours :) 

 If you have a small dog and are thinking about making an outfit I would be happy to share the knowledge that I gained through trial and error with you. The "how to's" would be to long to share in a blog. Just comment or send an email with questions.

Sew Happy,



  1. My she does look adorable in her new outfits! She is lucky to have found such a loving home. Happy New Year to the fam! Miss you.

  2. Karla, I love her outfits, Mia is beautiful!
    I don't have any pets at the moment and miss
    having one so much! You are very fortunate
    to have found Mia and she to have found you!
    Happy New Year!

    Flora Doora

  3. Mia is sooo cute! I LOVE her outfits. Maybe you could make Beans an outfit? Even though we are in Cali, his little Boston Terrier body gets chilly on our night walks.

  4. I love Mia and her outfits are sew cute. YOu really need to make up some tutorials. I'd have made a few phone calls when it was discovered she was not spayed, that is inexcusable. Do you think you were lied to? Well anyway, all is well now and she's got a great home. Can't wait to hear more about her. My dogs are over 50# ea and I'm open to a smaller one at some point in the future. When we graduated to the larger dogs, I was so surprised at how much they ate. It sure is cheaper to feed those small babies.