Sunday, December 12, 2010

What's On Santa's Junking List ?

Santa and me

Santa's List
All Purpose Apron

1. Pretty Pockets All Purpose Apron

All Purpose Apron

In our family I was gifted with the sewing gene and my sister Ki was gifted with the vintage junking gene. One day we brainstormed on how to put our two talents together. Crack, Snap, Pop,! The pretty pockets all purpose apron was born. We showcased the apron at Ki's annual Junk Bonanza 2010 show. With all the different uses (gardening, concession stand use, garage sales, crafting, and flea marketing to name a few) the aprons were a HUGE success and  sold out within the first day of the sale. Fast Forward....Santa's Elf Karla has been busily sewing away so Santa's Helper Ki could put it back on Santa's  list and offer them for sale on her website for holiday gift giving.  

Shopping Cart Liner
2. Shopping cart liner

Shopping Cart Liner

Last year Santa's Helper Ki had a lot of recycled burlap " toy" (coffee bean) bags left after the Christmas  deliveries. Once again Ki and I put our sewing and junking genes together and created a shopping cart liner for those "shop a holics" of garage sales and flea markets. Santa's Elf  Karla got busy sewing and Santa's Helper Ki was able to list them on Santa's list and offer them on her website. To check out other cool "junking gifts" that are on Santa's list go to the Junk Revolution Store.

Sew Happy,



  1. I've seen them both in person and they are lovely.
    You are one dynamic duo.

  2. Love your new banner!!

  3. How cute! I've got a love/hate relationship with aprons. Love 'em! Look dumpy in them! Collect them, never wear disgust, sell them! These are wonderful and would be worth trying out!

  4. Karla - your new header is outrageously gorgeous!!! And I'm heading for an apron right now!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  5. Morning Karla....!

    I was FORTUNATE to snap one of these FABULOUS aprons up at Junk Bonanza & ADORE mine to bits....I use it every Sunday at the Market & often have people remark on it's GORGEOUSNESS....!!

    I ENVY you your sewing talents....hahahahaha....Mr SVJ bought me a WHIZZBANG sewng machine 3 x Christmases ago & I haven't so much as threaded the thing....My NUMBER ONE resolution for 2011 is to learn how to use it.... :o) !!

    Well we're knocking on the door of the weekend here....I can't wait....Hope you have an AWESOME weekend over your way....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  6. Karla... I'm new to this blogging world as well...I'd like to welcome you to a fun and exciting time of your life... You sit down for few minutes and before you know it the hour is gone. I'd like to invite you to come and visit me! By the way...the aprons are adoreable. Holiday and well wishes to you...xoso Sandy

  7. I bought one of your lovely aprons when I visited the Idea House in Nov. then enjoyed wearing it at my last show of the year. You do such a great job mixing fabrics and trims, I had a hard time deciding which one to take home.
    Happy New Year!