Friday, December 17, 2010

Easy Repurposed Sweatshirt Pocket Pillow

Junkmaster Hoodie

If you knew Ki (my sister) before the Junk Revolution you will recognize this hoodie sweatshirt. You may even have one folded up in your closet? It represents one of Ki's past lives. I found this very well worn but loved hoodie sweatshirt in her closet as I was tidying up her place before she arrived from MN. I was ready to throw it away when  a little voice said "repurpose the sweatshirt into something that Ki could still enjoy".

 If you can cut and sew a straight line on your sewing machine or by hand you can do this project. At the time I was making this project, I wasn't thinking blog (didn't have one yet). Sorry, but there is not a lot of step by step pictures.This project is easy enough that you don't really need all those pictures.

1. Find a zip up sweatshirt with or without a design on it. It can be any size. My design was on the back of the sweatshirt. I  measured the design to determine what size my pillow was going to be. 12" x16" was the size I decided to make it.

Back of Pillow

2. I marked out the size 12x16 on the back of the sweatshirt with a thin marker, centering my design. I cut through the single back layer just inside of the lines so they wouldn't show.

Front of Pillow

3. On the front of the pillow, I centered the pockets in the 12" x16" shape. I used the cut out back of the pillow for a guide and traced with a thin marker on to the front. Note: The zipper pull should be closed to about 1/2" or so down from your cutting line. The zipper will be used to insert your pillow form later. I was very careful about not disturbing the zipper. Before cutting out the front, I cut and sewed a small logo that was elsewhere on the sweatshirt, to the front corner of the pillow. I cut the front cover out using an old scissor when I got to the zipper areas.

Junk Logo, note soft flap seams

With wrong sides together, I pinned and stitched all fours sides using a 3/8" seam, being very careful at the zipper areas . This left a soft small flap all around the pillow. I unzipped the pillow and inserted my ready made pillow form . I like to have a stuffed pillow, if you want a looser fit just cut your cover a bit larger than your form size.

Ki loved her new pillow! She found the pockets to be handy as a  Kleenex holder for all those teary eyed movies that she likes to watch. It was also useful as a prop for her book when she was reading.

I hope this wasn't to confusing. This was my first How To Project, for a blog. It was actually harder to write the "How to" then to do the actual project!

 Questions and comments are always welcome!

Sew Happy



  1. Karla, The pillow is amazing! Very clever! Also,
    I love your new header. Check out Flora Doora,
    as Remixed Stitches is featured today!

    Flora Doora

  2. I just love that, what a great repurpose.
    And so cleaver about the zipper for stuffing the form.

    I'm lovin your blog.

  3. Karla... Thank you so much for telling me your puppy story. It's amazing how they fill our lives with such unconditional love. We sure do love our little Piper...I think I'll post a picture of her next, you've got me thinking puppy love. Your pillow is quite adorable. I have the best tine designing and making new things, as I see you do to. Keep up the good work. Have a Merry Merry Christmas! xoso Sandy

  4. What a great little project. Thanks for all the tips. I agree with you, too. Writing/filming tutorials is harder than the actual project! That's why I've yet to complete one!

  5. Hey Karla, can I send my old sweatshirt down to you to be made into a pillow, before you know it your mailbox will get filled up with everybody's old sweatshirts. Maybe a bigger mailbox from santa would be a good idea! Just teasing, happy holiday to you and your family.