Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas

Junker is a retired metal rocking horse with springs who sits on top of my kitchen cabinet. I found him at a JunkMarket sale in Mn 6 years ago. He was my take home pay for working the sale. I figured I made about 5 cents an hour but I didn't care. I just had to have him! I 'm sure you've experienced that feeling.  Every Christmas I like to decorate him with greens, berries, pine cones and a ribbon. I wish I could say fresh greens but living in Fl. it just isn't practical. 

 "The stockings are hung on the mirror with care." 

The majority of the homes in Fl are without fireplaces. So, where does one hang the stockings? Problem sloved. My DBH (dearly beloved husband) made this mirror for our dining room. We bought 12"x12" mirror tiles and adhered them to a piece of wood. He then took ready made molding and made a frame for around the mirror tiles. I gel stained the wood to give it a rich dark color. I  bought stick on leading from a craft store to cover up the mirror seams and, Volia!  a beautiful huge mirror for under $50.00

 Lab stand redesigned

When I first saw this at a junk store in MI my brain started swimming with ideas. My DBH was just standing there shaking his head at me. I knew I had to act fast. I was loading it into the trunk before you could say Michigan. I fitted the rings with found glass lamp shades. This Christmas my repurposed lab stand is holding a collection of small ornaments, last year it held pine cones. Who knows what it will hold next Christmas?.....

Take time to enjoy the holidays & stop back to see what's up next at my house!

P.S. Comments welcome as this is my very first post and I need all the support I can get!


  1. Great blog!!! You are a quick study! I will be back often!

  2. welcome Karla, can't wait to see some more of your projects. Talent runs in your family.

  3. I LOVE that repurposed lab stand. I have been "collecting" quite a bit of lab ware of late. A stand like that would be ever so handy. Have fun with your blog and enjoy the journey. You will surely meet some fabulous folks.

  4. Welcome to the world of blogging and vintage junking! Your husband and my husband could probably have a long conversation about rearranged furniture... :-) -amy

  5. Welcome to Blogland! I hope you enjoy sharing as much we enjoy visiting. Excellent beginning.

  6. Found you through RoboLady. Good luck and love your ideas!

  7. I want your horse!!! If it rides away... don't look at me...

    ;-D Keep posting - I believe you're a natural!


  8. Wow Karla!! Great ideas here - love the mirror. Congrats on your first post and keep it up - I'll definitely be back to see what you do next!!

  9. Morning Karla....!

    I've just popped over from Margo's....! Welcome to the land of blog.... :o) !!

    I have the EXACT same horse as you....He's an English Mobo brand horse....I took him off his frame & he sits on top of a wrought iron plant stand against a cupboard in my living area....!! I'm CHUFFED you have another example of these SWEET toys & I LOVE the name you've given him....VERY appropro....!!

    Your lab stand makeover is WAY COOL....Now where can I get me one of those I wonder....hahahahahaha....!!

    I hope you're havin' a FAB week....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  10. Enjoyed my visit here, Karla! I came over from my friend, Margo's blog! I'm looking forward to more of your brainy and innovative and cute projects! Come by and see me sometime! Vickie

  11. Found your new blog through Margo. Good luck. I will defintely visit here often. LuAnn

  12. Enjoyed my visit! Welcome to neighborhood! Stop by to see me sometime. Best, Vicki

  13. Hi Karla...welcome to blogging!!

    You are off to a fabulous start ~ can't wait to see more!!

  14. Your doing a fantastic job for your first post. Great items you have repurposed. Good luck!

  15. Welcome to the blogworld! The lab stand is perfect and unique...love it!

  16. :) i will be a new blogger soon- let me know how it is!

  17. Hi, just came over to let you know that your sister called you a sewer...ewwww!! LOL! Sorry, being married to a plumber, it just struck me funny.

  18. Hi and welcome to the land of blog, Karla! I love your mirror and am looking forward to more of your projects! I'll be back!

  19. welcome!!
    looking forward to following your crafty junky adventures!!!

  20. Karla, I love your new blog! So happy to find it.
    Love the stockings on the mirror and happy to
    hear you love sewing also!

    I am follower number 13...that's a good thing,

    Flora Doora

  21. Congrats on your first post! Here's to many, many more!

  22. Love the lab stand! And your new blog!


  23. Welcome to blogland! I love it here! You will too! I look forward to seeing many more posts from you!
    Have a wonderful, merry and bright Christmas!
    Found you through JUNK CAMP
    hope you will visit me @ JUNK WILD sometime!
    and a Big Fan of your sis!
    Tammy :-)

  24. Hi, Karla! Congrats from the chilly Northeast on your blog and first post! Well done! I've spent a little time in/around Ocala, so it's great to see your latest finds, clever ideas and all around fun stuff from there! Keep on postin'!


  25. wow I'm loving all your great finds and the way you are re-working them. I'm a veteran Thrift Store shopper (or OpShopper as we call them here in Australia). I'll be back to see what you find over the New Year.