Tuesday, June 23, 2015


TRIBUTE TO: Oliver, 01/13/97—06/22/2015
Oliver getting some outdoor time on the porch.
We adopted Oliver, the cat, at the age of one from the Michigan Humane Society in Auburn Hills on 01/18/98. His evaluation form read: Very active, very readily purrs likes to be petted, affectionate, wonderful cat!! He was a beautiful tabby weighing almost 9lbs. We fell in love with him and took him home to meet the three large dogs that currently resided there.
Oliver, showing no fear only interest, promptly examined all three dogs while they examined him. With his interest satisfied he was declared the leader of the pack and casually walked away. We all lived harmoniously for the next ten years in the MI house with two of the dogs passing over to the rainbow bridge during that time.
Oliver is ready to move to FL.
Oliver and our last big dog Brooke made the move to our new house in FL. when husband Gail retired. Oliver settled into the new house quickly. Sadly Brooke  passed over to the rainbow bridge three years after the move to FL. Now at the age of 10 Oliver was slowing down a bit, so we decided to adopt a small dog to keep him company. He again showed no fear only interest and promptly examined the new member to our family, Mia an eight pound Toy Fox Terrier. Five years went quickly by with Mia passing over to the Rainbow Bridge. Oliver was now 15 and sleeping more than he was playing.

Finally a small dog comes to live here!

Boating and gulf waters were on our minds so we sold the house and moved farther south to Cape Coral FL. Oliver made the move with no problems and liked going out on the large screened in Lanai in our new house where he could explore and soak up the warm sunshine. Once we settled in we adopted two small dogs and Oliver showed no fear only interest and prominently examined these two new members to the family. Once again he was declared leader of the dogs. Three years past and Oliver was really starting to show his age of 18. The dogs kept watch over him as he slept most of the day. His weight kept falling even though he ate, his joints were tired and his spirit was dying.

 We visited the vet to seek help but knew in our hearts that his time had come to pass over to the rainbow bridge. With tears in our eyes we let him pass. May you rest in peace Oliver…

We love you Oliver....
Karla, Gail, Daisy and Ezzy


  1. Bless dear Oliver! He had the best life a cat could ever ask for! Remember him with happiness and smiles!

  2. Gail and Karla, my heart is breaking with you....RIP sweet kitty Oliver!

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