Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I Kissed A Greyhound And I Liked It!

Barbie the Greyhound
I have always liked dogs in general but have never had any experience with the Greyhound breed until I started volunteering with Bay Area Greyhound Adoptions here in Cape Coral FL. By attending the local Meet N Greets, talking with more experienced Greyhound volunteers/owners and fostering my first  Greyhound I am learning so much about the breed and how they differ from other dog breeds. Barbie pictured above has taught me how calm, quiet and people loving they can be. Barbie loves all who come to greet her.

This gentleman was astounded when Barbie came up to him and snuggled her head inside his sweatshirt for several minutes. Barbie is a beautiful white and black with ticking. After competing in over 160 races Barbie is retired and still waiting for her forever home.
This young lady came up to Tross our new arrival into greyhound adoption and promptly hugged him making him feel welcome. Tross showed me how quickly they can adapt to strange surroundings. He shows how beautiful the fawn color can be on a Greyhound
This elderly lady in a wheel chair was showering Barbie with petting. Barbie was showing her how sweet natured, people loving, gentle and quiet Greyhounds can be.

Fiona my first foster retired racing greyhound taught me that they are crate trained, walk well on a leash, shed very little, have very little "doggy odor" love human companionship, need a few short walks or jaunts in a fenced in yard a day, shares well with others and  already had a potty signal that she taught me. After three short weeks of fostering Fiona was adopted into a  forever Greyhound friendly home.

Greyhound Crusier #6 taught me that Greyhounds do get cold even in Fl because of their low body fat (less than 16%, less than half the amount of dogs of a similar weight in other breeds), they can not metabolize anesthesia well, they can live to be 12-14 years old, do not have any inherent health problems which some of the larger breeds experience and are often used as blood donors because of their higher red blood cell count. Cruiser, an older gentleman, greyhound has now been adopted into a forever loving greyhound friendly home. Not only are the greyhounds friendly but the volunteers as well!

TO LEARN MORE: Bay Area Greyhound Adoptions Inc. has a great online site where you can find out more about the greyhound, current dogs available for adoptions and where the next Meet N Greets will be held.  Check it out!!
To find out how I began volunteering with greyhounds read my past post on June 1st 2014 titled: Sox the Greyhound

I Kissed A Greyhound And I Liked It!  Karla



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  1. Your foster hounds are lucky to have you, and I know you are lucky to have had them! Such loving beauties! Thanks for doing the work of angels, Karla!