Sunday, January 20, 2013

2012 The Year of Change

The year 2012 will be remembered as "The Year of Change". It was the year that DBH and I sat down and looked at each other and asked "Are we still enjoying our chosen lifestyle?" The answer we both gave was a firm NO! It had been five years since, we retired from MI, and built/moved into our dream house in warm sunny Florida. The everyday physical work of keeping up a small hobby farm was taking a toll on our bodies, and mind. It was time for a change. I looked at DBH and said "WATER!" He looked at me and said "WATER!" We listed the farm for sale and had a contract within two weeks with a closing date set right before Christmas. We'd be homeless for Christmas. 

With family living on Marco Island and in Fort Myers FL, the search for a home began closer to those areas. We focused in on Cape Coral, a town with over 400 miles of canal waterways with access to the gulf and river. With help from our Sellstate realtor Diane Folwer, we found our next home. It was nestled into a small community of homes, within easy walking distance to a 200 acre ecological park and two miles from shopping. Though the house needed updating it had good "bones".
DBH and I had found our WATER! right out the back door. With an easy ten minute boat ride to the river and a bit longer ride to the gulf, we look forward to the day when we can take "the yet to be purchased" boat out. For now, we are happy remodeling the house with many breaks taken to "enjoy just another day in Paradise" on our lanai overlooking the water.
Future remodeling updates will follow. Did I mention? My "new" sewing room is 5 feet bigger than my past sewing room, has a ten foot ceiling and HUGE windows to let the light shine in. A sewers dream in paradise:)
Sew Happy, Karla
P.S. We were homeless for Christmas, but were able to ring in the New Year in our "new" home on the Cape.


  1. Can't wait to sit on the lanai with you!

  2. Looks simply beautiful! Pete and I cannot wait to visit, and sit on the lanai...and of course, I cannot wait to thrift shop with you here in Naples! We are so much closer now! Lots of happiness in your new home!

    Flora Doora

  3. Welcome to Cape Coral...I have been here since 1971 (a transplant from St. Louis, MO) and have never regretted it. I am a crazy crafter, a pinterest addict and am a sewing novice. I get a little better with every sewing project which hasn't been to difficult since I started with pillowcase dresses for my "greats". The "greats" are my great-grandchildren...they are my 3rd generation to teach to craft and we have family crafting parties several weeks prior to all major holidays. I hope you enjoy your new sewing room and your new home brings you much happiness.

    Now here comes the advice you didn't ask I lived on a canal 2 blocks from the river from 1971 till 2004 and lost track of how many boats we bought! The two most widely-used sayings about boats are that they are "holes in the water, into which you throw money" and "the happiest day of a boat owner's life is the day they buy the boat and the day they sell it." We could have bought a house on the gulf with the money spent on boats. Choose carefully, enjoy boating and stay safe.

    This is a wonderful area for jazz favorite is Jazz on the Green, it's location hasn't been set for this year.
    Naples has a wonderful Wine & Jazz Festival which will be on March 29-30 this year...

    I don't get to keep up with all the thrift stores...they seen to come and go quickly, especially the ones I like best. So I'll watch your blog to see what you find. Barbara Kiphart