Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rescue Dogs

Over the years DBH and I have been blessed to be able to provide a safe and loving home to many large mixed breed rescue dogs. When Brooke our last large rescue dog passed on, we decided to rescue a smaller dog. That's when Mia, a 5lb Toy Fox Terrier, came into our lives and changed us forever. She sparked my sewing gene and I made "cute doggie harnesses " for her. She took DBH to doggie obedience school where they graduated with the smallest dog honors. She even got the cat involved in games of chase. Sadly, she unexpectedly passed away this year and left a void in your household.

After a few months, we started attending adoption days at the local pet stores looking for a small rescue dog in need of a safe and loving home. We met Mary and Tulip of Pet Network Inc. (a local grass roots no kill rescue shelter) at one of these adoption days.

 Tulip was a stray underweight Yorkie found living under an abandoned mobile home. A neighbor was able to catch her before the big bad dogs roaming the neighborhood made a meal out of her. With all that Tulip had been through she was still able to dole out pet store kisses to all the potential adopters at the pet store. We took her home on the foster/adopt program. She ate well even though she only had two teeth left. Soon, she was up to a normal weight of 5lbs. She was a senior dog who walked slow and was perfectly content to sit in laps all day long. As much as we loved her, it was decided that we were to active for her so we continued to foster her until the perfect home could be found for her. When Beverly (a potential adopter with a walker) came to meet her, we knew right away that this could be a great match between the two of them. Tulip is now on a 2 week trial adoption with Beverly that Pet Network Inc. offers to it's potential adopters. 

I volunteered at pet adoption day this past Saturday with Mister an 8 mo. old puppy from an  unwanted litter (please spay/nueter your pets)and sister/brother  Della & Perry, bottle fed kittens who lost their mother to a car accident. It was Mister's first time out and he worked on his social skills and did well. Perry was a bit stressed and hung out in his litter box while Della was the social "Queen" of them all. No adoptions were made but there was interest in the three. More information can be found on these pets at: Pet Network Mister,Della, Perry

Mary, the founder of Pet Network Inc, has been so kind and understanding as DBH and I travel this journey to find another dog. We have decided that Mia our past TFT has spoiled us and so our search has been narrowed down specifically to the  Toy Fox Terrier Breed. Meeting all these loving compassionate animal people in these rescue groups has spurned me on to volunteering my time, whether it be working adoption day at pet stores, working the garage sales to raise much needed money to care for these pets waiting for their forever homes or lending physical labor to keep the shelters safe. These rescue shelters all need "people support" and donations to keep them going. The next time you pass a Pet Shelter donation can in your local store, drop that loose dollar or change into the can. Every little bit helps......

Check out Pet Network's site on Face book and click "like"  to let them know you support them.
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  1. Lucky for Tulip to find super foster parents while she found the perfect home. Inspiring post! Ki

  2. Bless you and DBH for your work. You are right there are so many great dogs and cats out there, that there is no need to allow them to breed. Our last several dogs have all been rescues, mostly greyhounds, but we are on our first Italian greyhound (think small) and just lost our mixed breed rescue in April. I'll never get another puppy as long as I live. After the Dalmatian and the puppy H#LL he put me through I don't see the point. Especially when there are so many great adult rescue dogs out there. Keep up the good work, and I'll keep dropping those dollars in those cans. :)


  3. Tulip is so lovely. Which doggie obedience school do you recommend?
    ~ Mehul
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