Thursday, February 16, 2012

Four Fleas and Two Desks Later

Interfaith Desk #1 $15.50

Check out my previous post on how we came to have this sad little desk.The story continues here: After some structural issues were addressed on our Interfaith desk, DBH faithfully started the process of giving rebirth to the $15.50 desk. The sanding, stripping, and staining began on the desk. The desk was missing some handles so we decided a trip to the Mt. Dora Extravaganza was in order to replace those missing handles.

Off to the Flea Market we went! With some of our faith waining on our makeover Interfaith desk, we decided to keep our eyes open for a desk that might need less work and  could be put to use right away. Thirty minutes into our Flea Market jaunt we found "THE DESK". Beautifully restored to it's early 1930's vintage condition , it was ready for immediate use. We purchased desk #2. Having had his fill of Flea Markets for the day, DBH and Mia headed for the truck to wait while I looked for handles for the Interfaith desk #1. 

With faith, DBH continued his work on the Interfaith Desk #1. This past week the rebirth of the $15.50 sad little desk was finally finished. DBH had once again preformed his magic in his "Hardly-Able-Workshop".

What do you think of DBH's make over of the sad little desk?

Keep the faith.....We did and we now have two desks...... LOL


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