Saturday, January 7, 2012

Three Fleas In One Morning

With a definite plan in mind, I was able to talk DBH into going on a Flea Market Adventure with me. With faith and our truck, our mission was to visit three Flea Markets in three hours, buy a small desk, stay within 25 miles from home and be home in time for football.

Flea#1 was located in the old Ocala Drive In on Hwy 441. The only person to greet us there was Scooby Doo. At 9:30 in the morning only a few vendors were open with even less customers. No desks there! We said our goodbyes to Scooby and drove off.

Flea#2, Grumpy Jerry’s was just south of Flea#1 about five miles. Bustling with more activity, we found the vendors to be friendly and welcoming. It was a large Flea spread out over 20 acres. I found myself getting distracted at the great items but DBH kept me in check. No desks there! With time almost up and one more Flea to visit my faith was starting to wane.

Flea#3 wasn’t really a Flea but a thrift store. With the name Interfaith Thrift Store, I was feeling the faith again. As we turned into the drive, there outside was a desk, a halo encircling it in the bright sun. It was small, and had the right style and color from a distance. I ran over to it and went Whoa!!!. The vintage condition was terrible. DBH of the “Hardly Able Workshop” came over and took a look at it.  Finally he spoke, “With some work I should be able to bring it back to a presentable condition. How much is it?” I hadn’t even looked at the price tag. I was just so excited to finally see a desk. The four fluorescent green stickers on top screamed out the price $15.50. We looked at each other and said it was worth a try and if it didn’t work we would consider the $15.50 a donation to a worthy cause.

We’ve hauled the desk home and it awaits a makeover in DBH’s workshop. Once he finishes his magic, I’ll do a post to show you how it all turned out.
Happy Fleas to you,



  1. I am confident DBH will do wonders with the desk. Great find!

  2. The desk will look amazing...I am sure of it!
    Great deal! DBH is a sport!

    Flora Doora

  3. Great find! I live in Orlando and love junkin. I just might have to make a trip to Ocala!

  4. So what's the verdict? Heard you may have found another desk??

  5. I wish I could get my husband out with me! ..that desk is a great find, for a great price! It will look amazing after some TLC! happy week! X