Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Maple Bed That Was.....

The Maple Bed That Was
A few blogs past, I wrote about an auction that my sister Ki and I attended. The bidding at the auction was as sluggish as the weather that day.I had no intention on buying a bed that day  nor did I have any use for a single maple bed, but when the auctioneer started pleading for someone to buy this bed, I raised my hand and it came home with me for a mere $10.00.I called DBH to bring the truck and we loaded it up along with a lot of other things that I didn't need. We brought it down to DBH's  "Hardly-Able Workshop" and there it sat.

Sewing Room
Again a few blogs past, I wrote about my sewing room. Like our house, my sewing room is always in constant change. I needed more storage for my small odd bits of trinkets, locker tags, and numbers. That's when the idea came to me, repurpose that maple bed into something useful for me.

Swirls and Curves from the Headboard 
DBH and I discussed my idea for the maple bed. We make a great team, I'm the idea person and he makes it happen. I wanted to incorporate the shape and swirls of the headboard into my idea. He started cutting and doing his magic when I discovered the Stickley imprint on one of the solid maple side rails. My $10.00 bed was suddenly worth a lot more! Sadly, we were past the point of no return.

Stickley Bed Side Rails
The solid maple side rails of the bed were repurposed into an ashtray/organizer of sorts that I sell on my Etsy site Blue Gate Vintage. The only part that I have yet to come up with an idea for is the big heavy gorgeous legs of the bed. Does anyone have any ideas for the legs? I haven't yet decided how I will finish the maple wood on my wall shelf. Should I stain the maple with a dark stain or just oil it with either Howards Beeswax or Watco teak oil? The wall shelf was made to have a back on it but I can't decide if I want one or not. What do you think back or no back? Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome here!

Thank you, DBH for making the magic happen!



  1. Definitely no back! Looks great!
    Wish I had a DBH.
    Love ya sis!

  2. I like it the way it is, which looks amazing! That bed was quite a find!

    Flora Doora