Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hearts in a shadow box

If you're like me, you have collected a jillion cute knick knacks with ties, rope and ribbon that are meant to be hung from door knobs, cabinet knobs, and hooks. Well, all my knobs and hooks proudly display those charming hanging "doodads". DBH  was starting to get a bit cranky  about those jillion cute knick knacks. He finally put his foot down, he said " No more hanging doodads from knobs and hooks, I want to be able to open a kitchen cabinet door without  running interference with a doodad!!" OOOOpppps time to put the creative thinking cap on..... 

 A Junker's wood scrap pile paradise

The creative ideas started swimming around in my head. Salvaging around in my sister Ki's  garbage cans filled with old wood trim, mouldings, and frames,  a game plan came together that would  make both DBH and me happy. I found the perfect wood shadow box frame with a rusty screen attached to the backside. I could easily run a string through the screening and hang any one of my jillion cute knick knacks to the string. For the finishing touch  I could tie medium size buttons to the strings at the top.  I had plenty of empty wall space that I could hang the shadow box on with just two small finishing nails. What a great way to display three doodads at once! The best part is I could easily change my doodads according to the season, weather, or just me.

P.S. These vintage lace appliqued heart doodads are for sale (minus the shadow box) on my Etsy site. Click on the link in the side bar and you"ll be there.

Happy Valentine's to my fellow bloggers,

Sew Happy,


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  1. I caught ya! So very cute! Happy Valentines day. I miss you!