Saturday, February 26, 2011

Flea Market Style

My own personally signed copy 

My sister Ki arrived late last night with a signed copy of the new Flea Market Style magazine in hand! It may sound a bit corny, but I have become a  collector of Ki's junking achievements. She has become my Junk Mentor. She has taught me to look beyond the obvious and see the possibilities in all things rusty and crusty. I have learned through her to appreciate the history, stories and love that a certain object may hold. So when I saw that magazine in her hand, I was just down right giddy with excitement!

"Shirt off his back"

Ki has the junking talent and I have the sewing talent in our family. That makes for a good team. When a sewing project comes up she'll call me in distress and say " Karlaaaaa, Can you make this for me?  Oh! I need it by tomorrow." I just shake my head. I know Ki too well and have usually allotted time for the "I need it tomorrow project" even before she calls. The pictured items above are the result of one of those phone calls.

The Flea Market Style magazine was in the works when Ki had this great idea to give recycled men's shirts a new purpose. The phone call came and I had my next " I need it done tomorrow project". Off to the local thrift store to purchase the above items, and snatch  six men's shirts, dry cleaning tags still attached off the clothing racks.

What you see here are the idea's that didn't make the cut for the magazine. The first idea was to simply Mod Podge strips of torn men's shirting around an inexpensive $1.00 tissue box. My first and last attempt into the Mod Podge world. I thought it turned out pretty cute, Ki with her critical eye gave it a thumbs down.

The next idea handed to me was to make a liner with ruffle for a wicker beach type tote. This project, I was excited about as it required sewing skills and not Mod Podge skills.  I  found the perfect wicker tote at the thrift store for under $3.00. After some creative thinking I figured out how to get that ruffle around those handles and still have it removable for easy cleaning.  I really liked how this project turned out and sent it off to Ki. Nope, another thumbs down. (Check out the magazine to see what basket liner did make it !) I have to admit, that other liner  was cuter than mine but mine was a beach tote not laundry tote so give me a break.

The next idea Ki tossed at me was to make an easy sew laundry tote out of a man's shirt.  This is an easy sew project!! My first step was to cut the sleeves off. I marked the sides to be straight from the shoulder to the hem. (Picture shows the before). I stitched the sides and bottom closed. Trimming the inside seams to 3/4". Top stitched a channel in the collar for a drawstring cord. 15 minutes and I was done. Size of shirt determined size of bag. I used a man's XL shirt. Pretty darn cute if you ask me and all for under $4.00.

I took a quick photo of it and sent it off to Ki minus the "laundry". She loved it!! It was in the running to be in the magazine. Yahoo!! but when it came time to photograph, the shape was to long for the allotted space. "Maybe next time" she said.   

Insiders peek at the new magazine

Not to be discouraged, I kept on sewing men's wear projects. Finally...... the button placket place mat, napkin ring, and wine gift bag made it into the men's wear article on page 44 in the new Flea Market Style Magazine. Yahoo! So check out the new magazine, I give it a two thumbs up!!!

 Congrats to Ki and the team for a job well done!

Sew Happy,

P.S. My Junk Mentor also taught me: If at first you don't succeed, try try again. 


  1. Great post! Am I really that picky? I promise to give you more time on my next sewing project...really. I know you don't believe me!

  2. Thumbs up to Ki for sure, but double thumbs up to you for your ideas, and for being a very patient sister.

  3. So my can you make it tonight and mail it tomorrow request from Ki was not unusual. Noted for the future. I love your projects by the way.
    Give Ki a hug from me.


  4. I really loved the men's shirt projects in the magazine. My favorite was the men's collar around the bottles. I have some old smaller milk bottles that I think will work great to recreate this project.
    Thanks for all of the inspiration. My husband will probably be wondering what happened to all his shirts!

  5. Karla, How exciting for you to be able to work
    on projects for Ki's magazine! A dream come
    true, I am sure, to see your creations in print!
    I love all your projects, especially the tote

    Flora Doora

  6. Hi Karla-thanks so much for visiting my blog!
    I absolutely love the magazine and admire your sister so much. It is all right up my alley. And I admire your talent also. I would love to sew, but every time I try I jam the darn machine. It makes me crazy! But I do love junk and rust and all that good stuff.
    I will go and visit the magazines blog next.

  7. Nice to stop by... love all your creations..I just picked up my copy this week at Walgreens.. have been a fan from the beginning. It's my favorite. xo Laura