Monday, November 25, 2013

Flea Market Style Magazine


Yahoo! The long awaited winter issue of Flea Market Style is finally available for purchase. Even though Editor- in - Chief, Ki Nassauer is my sister extraordinaire, I have to wait just like everyone else to see the finished published magazine. Yes, I do have clues of what some of the creative projects will be the magazine. In fact I even get involved in some of the sewing projects.
The magazine can be found at book stores, grocery stores and big discount stores like Walmart. Love this magazine,I find it so refreshing to pick up a magazine that is chock full of ideas and content with very few ads. Here's a  peek at two of the articles in the magazine.

In this story, I was involved in a sewing project or two. It turned out to be one of my favorite stories in the magazine.

 I love all the plaid. Can you guess what sewing project I did  for this story?  If you guessed the dog sweater you were correct. I had  the dog's measurements, a pattern, two repurposed sweaters from a thrift store, and vintage army webbing and patches to complete this fun winter sweater. Being a good boy for the photo shoot, he was given  his winter sweater for those cold Minnesota winters where he lives. I think it turned out pretty darn cute. What do you think?

The second sewing project for this story was a simple sewing project that even the novice sewer could easily sew. Two repurposed plaid blankets from a thrift store where sewn together to create a fun stripped/fringed drape that could also be used as a bed covering.

The magazine also featured a fun shopping section where you could shop for sweet  creations made with vintage and upcycled fabrics. In this article my Remixed Stitches Etsy shop was featured showing one of my fun half aprons that I sell there.

Also on the news stands now is the BIG Collector's edition that has the all time favorite Vintage Style homes and collection trends from past issues of Flea Market Style all gathered together in one magazine. This Collector's edition is a great coffee table magazine, that you'll want to refer back to time and time again.

Flea Market Style, Spring, is now in the works. Will I have sewing projects in this one? Time will tell,

Sew Happy, Karla


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