Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Have you ever wondered how all those horse farm fences get painted?

 Well it's not by paintbrush !! In Florida, your choice of farm fence colors seem to be white or black. Those that are into high maintenance chose white paint and those that are into low maintenance chose black. Reaching a point in our lives where low maintenance is king, we chose black. With paintbrush and paint bucket in hand I began the quest to touch up our fenced and cross fenced 3 plus acre plot. What was I thinking? One month later, I was cranky, exhausted and nowhere close to being done.

An emergency phone call for help was put into fence painting contractor extraordinaire Ellery Smith and the the job was well on its way to being finished. Two trucks and four men showed up two days later to get the job finished.

A once white Chevrolet truck (check out the tail gate for proof) but now very black? truck carried the paint tanks, sprayers, hoses and compressor to get the job quickly done. 

Spraying from the left side of the truck (so the driver could see the painter), they drove up and down the aisle ways between the paddocks. When spraying next to the buildings and pillars they decked those areas in plastic. Two coats of paint and four hours later the job was complete. I thanked Kenny, the foreman, for a job well done. Guaranteed to last four years, the reasonable amount of money paid out was well worth it.

Thank you Ellery for saving me from a life of miserable painting and Thank you Kenny for making our farm once again beautiful :)

Sew happy now, Karla


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